Zili Meng - Papers

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  1. Congcong Miao, Minggang Chen, Arpit Gupta, Zili Meng, Lianjin Ye, Jingyu Xiao, Jie Chen, Zekun He, Xulong Luo, Jilong Wang, Heng Yu,
    Detecting Ephemeral Optical Events with OpTel,
    USENIX NSDI 2022, Renton, WA, USA. (paper)


  1. Jia Zhang, Enhuan Dong, Zili Meng, Yuan Yang, Mingwei Xu, Sijie Yang, Miao Zhang, Yang Yue,
    WiseTrans: Adaptive Transport Protocol Selection for Mobile Web Service,
    WWW 2021, Ljubljana, Slovenia. (paper)(video) wisetrans

  2. Zili Meng, Yaning Guo, Yixin Shen, Jing Chen, Chao Zhou, Minhu Wang, Jia Zhang, Mingwei Xu, Chen Sun, Hongxin Hu,
    Practically Deploying Heavyweight Adaptive Bitrate Algorithms With Teacher-Student Learning,
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN), Vol. 29, No. 2, 2021. (paper)(website) pitree pitree-dataset

  3. Jing Chen, Zili Meng, Yaning Guo, Mingwei Xu, Hongxin Hu,
    HierTopo: Towards High-Performance and Efficient Topology Optimization for Dynamic Networks,
    IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2021, Tokyo, Japan. (paper)(slides) HierTopo

  4. Xiang Chen, Qun Huang, Peiqiao Wang, Zili Meng, Hongyan Liu, Yuxin Chen, Dong Zhang, Haifeng Zhou, Boyang Zhou, Chunming Wu,
    LightNF: Simplifying Network Function Offloading in Programmable Networks,
    IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2021, Tokyo, Japan. (paper)
    Best Paper Award!

  5. Tingfeng Wang, Zili Meng, Mingwei Xu, Rui Han, Honghao Liu,
    Enabling High Frame-rate UHD Real-time Communication with Frame-Skipping,
    ACM Mobicom 2021 HotEdgeVideo Workshop, New Orleans, LA, USA. (paper)

  6. Yixin Shen, Zili Meng, Jing Chen, Mingwei Xu,
    Quantifying the Transient Performance of Congestion Control Algorithms,
    ACM SIGCOMM 2021 (poster), Virtual Event. (paper) TPCCA

  7. Jing Chen, Zili Meng, Mingwei Xu,
    Physical-Layer Informed Multipath Redundancy Optimization for Mobile Real-Time Communication,
    APNet 2021 (poster), Shenzhen, China. (paper)( video )

  8. Yaning Guo, Jing Chen, Zili Meng, Mingwei Xu,
    Towards Optimization for Large-scale Earth Observation Missions from a Global Perspective,
    APNet 2021 (poster), Shenzhen, China. (paper)( video )


  1. Zili Meng, Minhu Wang, Jiasong Bai, Mingwei Xu, Hongzi Mao, Hongxin Hu,
    Interpreting Deep Learning-Based Networking Systems,
    ACM SIGCOMM 2020, New York, NY, USA. (paper)(website)(video)(slides) metis

  2. Shuhe Wang, Chen Sun, Zili Meng, Minhu Wang, Jiamin Cao, Mingwei Xu, Jun Bi, Qun Huang, Masoud Moshref, Tong Yang, Hongxin Hu, Gong Zhang,
    Martini: Bridging the Gap between Network Measurement and Control Using Switching ASICs,
    IEEE ICNP 2020, Madrid, Spain. (paper)(slides)(video)

  3. Shuhe Wang, Zili Meng, Chen Sun, Minhu Wang, Mingwei Xu, Jun Bi, Tong Yang, Qun Huang, Hongxin Hu,
    SmartChain: Enabling High-Performance Service Chain Partition between SmartNIC and CPU,
    IEEE ICC 2020, Dublin, Ireland. (paper)(video)
    Best Paper Award!

  4. Jing Chen, Zili Meng, Mingwei Xu,
    Always Heading for the Peak: Learning to Route with Domain Knowledge,
    IEEE INFOCOM 2020 (poster), Toronto, Canada. (paper) Altitute-for-RL-routing


  1. Hongzi Mao, Malte Schwarzkopf, Shaileshh Bojja Venkatakrishnan, Zili Meng, Mohammad Alizadeh,
    Learning Scheduling Algorithms for Data Processing Clusters,
    ACM SIGCOMM 2019, Beijing, China. (paper)(website)(slides)(poster) decima-sim

  2. Zili Meng, Jing Chen, Yaning Guo, Chen Sun, Hongxin Hu, Mingwei Xu,
    PiTree: Practical Implementation of ABR Algorithms Using Decision Trees,
    ACM MM 2019, Nice, France. (paper)(website)(slides)(poster) pitree pitree-dataset
    Oral Paper (88/936=9.4%)

  3. Zili Meng, Jun Bi, Haiping Wang, Chen Sun, Hongxin Hu,
    MicroNF: An Efficient Framework for Enabling Modularized Service Chains in NFV,
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), Vol. 37, No. 8, 2019. (paper)

  4. Menghao Zhang, Jiasong Bai, Guanyu Li, Zili Meng, Hongda Li, Hongxin Hu, Mingwei Xu,
    When NFV Meets ANN: Rethinking Elastic Scaling for ANN-based NFs,
    IEEE ICNP 2019 HDR-Nets Workshop, Chicago, IL, USA. (paper)

2018 and earlier

  1. Zili Meng, Jun Bi, Chen Sun, Shuhe Wang, Minhu Wang, Hongxin Hu,
    PAM: When Overloaded, Push Your Neighbor Aside!,
    ACM SIGCOMM 2018 (poster), Budapest, Hungary. (paper)(poster)(slides)
    SIGCOMM’18 Student Research Competition Winner (The 1st place)

  2. Chen Sun, Jun Bi, Zili Meng, Tong Yang, Xiao Zhang, Hongxin Hu,
    Enabling NFV Elasticity Control with Optimized Flow Migration,
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), Vol. 36, No. 10, 2018. (paper) ofm

  3. Chen Sun, Jun Bi, Zili Meng, Xiao Zhang, Hongxin Hu,
    OFM: Optimized Flow Migration for NFV Elasticity Control,
    IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2018, Banff, Canada. (paper) ofm

  4. Zili Meng, Jun Bi, Haiping Wang, Chen Sun, Hongxin Hu,
    CoCo: Compact and Optimized Consolidation of Modularized Service Function Chains in NFV,
    IEEE ICC 2018, Kansas City, MO, USA. (paper)(slides)

  5. Zhilong Zheng, Jun Bi, Chen Sun, Heng Yu, Hongxin Hu, Zili Meng, Shuhe Wang, Kai Gao, Jianping Wu,
    GEN: A GPU-Accelerated Elastic Framework for NFV,
    APNet 2018, Beijing, China. (paper)(slides)

  6. Zili Meng, Jun Bi, Chen Sun, Anmin Xu, Hongxin Hu,
    PRAM: Priority-aware Flow Migration Scheme in NFV Networks,
    ACM SOSR 2017 (poster), Santa Clara, CA, USA. (paper)(poster)


  1. 徐明伟, 张佳, 董恩焕, 孟子立, 杨芫. 针对移动Web服务的自适应传输协议选择方法和装置. ZL202011444788.7 (已授权).

  2. 徐明伟, 孟子立, 陈婧, 郭雅宁, 孙晨. 一种视频播放方法、视频播放器及计算机存储介质. ZL201910871317.5 (已授权).


  1. On the Practicality and Interpretability of Learning-based Networked Systems (In Chinese)
    B.Eng. @ Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2019. Advisor: Prof. Jun Bi. (paper)(slides)